3 Ways to Getting Over the Post-Holiday Blues

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3 Ways to Getting Over the Post-Holiday Blues

Have you ever felt down after the holidays or even depressed? You have made it through the holidays, but you may not be feeling your best after all the holiday festivities. Even though many people dread the holidays, seeing family members, and shopping for gifts, others feel more depressed after the holiday season is over. If you have felt this way, you may have post-holiday depression. Here are 3 ways to get over the post-holiday blues:

#1 Spend Time Around People

When you are depressed, the last thing you really want to do is be around people, but that is exactly what your body needs. You need to be around others that will lift your spirits and take your mind off whatever is bothering you. Make a date with your best friend, go to see family more often, or go out with that special someone.

#2 Do Things that Give You Purpose

It is a known fact that even when you aren’t depressed, doing things that give you a purpose keep your spirits high and make you feel good! Pay some of you good luck forwards this year. Help feed the hungry at a soup kitchen, offer someone a ride, or send a needed gift to someone. When you feel a purpose, life is easier to get through.

#3 Stay Healthy

If you are fighting through depression, one of the worst things is to end up sick too. Of course, when your mood is down, your immune system can be affected. Here are some ways to stay healthy after the holidays:

  • Eat healthy foods. Bananas, poultry, dairy, and peas will all boost your serotonin levels making you feel happier.
  • Keep exercising. Exercise helps build your immune system, combat stress, and gives you an overall sense of well-being.
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How do you get over the holiday blues? Share your tips and tricks for combatting the holiday blues in the comments below!

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