8 Ways to deal with a Broken Heart

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Dealing with a broken heart is a scenario experienced by many. Whether you’re dumped by your boyfriend, caught him cheating, a relationship ended due to mutual decision or he just suddenly vanished like thin ice, getting over a breakup is downright tough. While you’re going through the process, remember to let your emotions out one big time and move forward.

1. Cry for as long as you want until you stop because it’s making you hard to breathe. Sometimes you just have to let it all out to make the baggage you’re carrying a little lighter.


2. Try changing parts of yourself. Try a new perfume for women on Monday, dine in at a new restaurant on Thursday or maybe have a haircut on Saturday. Out with old, in with a new should be your mantra. Your life’s changing in a blink of an eye so might as well lead the change.

3. Never try to contact your ex, especially if you’re the one who’s got dumped. Even if it’s a mutual decision and you decide to remain friends, we all know that’s just sugarcoating the real situation. You both need time and space to reflect on the relationship, as well as think over what you want to do with your life. Reflecting on yourself will open some doors. This may be a way for you to finally get that scholarship in London or maybe volunteer for a cause in Africa.

4. Take a break from your monotonous (and painful) life. Aside from making some sudden changes about your physical self or your everyday schedule, plan something out of your free time to improve yourself. Attend free yoga classes at the park on weekends, enroll in a crash course at baking or maybe have the chance to scuba dive which you couldn’t do before because your ex was afraid to do so.

5. Never badmouth your ex, even when you’re hurt. Don’t say he’s bad in bed or he’s just gross when he sips his drink using a straw. When you come from a serious relationship, you accepted everything about the person because of love. You’re better than a bitter individual who only knows negative stuff.

6. Surround yourself with friends. They’re your support group now. For sure they’d say nasty things about your ex but that’s because they don’t want you to get hurt. But no matter what you’re going through, your friends are there to make your life better. Even for just a few hours, they’ll do their best to cheer you up and take you out on your melancholy reverie.

7. Exercise. When you’re working out, your body naturally releases endorphins. These natural happy hormones can alter your mood. Run, bike, swim or play any type of sports. You’ll instantly get a boost of natural happiness. Plus, continuous physical activity will give you a healthier body.

8. Accept the fact that you and your ex are no longer together. Maybe someday, love will find a way once more but live in the present time. Don’t look for a rebound but cherish the months or years of a loving relationship. After all, you won’t be where you are right now without your ex’s help. Think of it as a test of your personality and of your strength. No matter how miserable your situation may be today, remember that a lot of people have gone through the same. If it feels like the pain’s an eternity to deal with, keep in mind that time heals all wounds.

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