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Tracking PixelThis is a post written by me on behalf of Adams™ Flea & Tick Control Products.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and I truly love these products.


My dog Tanner is my pride and joy, aside from my children of course. He is the cutest 9 pound Maltipoo you’ve ever seen with a spunky personality to match.  Living in Southern California is such a magical place to live but sometimes the winters can be very cold and the summers can be very hot.  Right now we’re in the middle of spring and it’s been so humid that Tanner is spending a lot of time outdoors under a shade tree.  With the warmer weather, the trouble of flea infestation on Tanner has become an all-time high that is getting very frustrating.  I hate seeing Tanner have fleas roaming his fur, and watching him scratch with a sad look in his eyes.  Did you know fleas prefer warmer climates?  Fleas are most comfortable in weather above 65 degrees and seek warmth in your pet’s fur.  Not only are those fleas on your furry pet but they’re also in your home.  Fleas and flea eggs can fall off your pet’s fur and be found in your carpets, dog beds, your sheets and more.  A way to get rid of those pesky fleas is by treating your pet with an external flea product such as Adams™ for Dogs Flea & Tick Spot On®.

Adams Smarter Pet Care

When it comes to my dog Tanner I treat him just as if he were a human.  He is a big part of my life and I love to care for him in any way I possibly can.  As I mentioned, one way to get rid of those pesky fleas is by using a product you trust, and I trust Adams™ products.  The smartest way to protect pets and your loved ones from attack of fleas and ticks is to be ready to conquer them with products on-hand.  I recommend the line of Adams™ Flea & Tick Control Products, which are readily available at your local WalMart, as well as other stores.  These products are so easy to use, and a number of them have won awards.  If you’ve ever applied flea products to your furry pet you know it can be a hassle.  You want to ensure you’re getting down to the skin to treat the fleas and ticks and also want to make sure your pet doesn’t squirm away.  The one product I’m using to directly treat the fleas and ticks on Tanner is the Adams™ for Dogs Flea & Tick Spot On® and I love the ease of the product.


Tanner can become a bit squeamish when I’m trying to apply flea and tick control topicals to his gorgeous coat of fur so I have to act fast.  When you purchase the Adams™ for Dogs Flea & Tick Spot On® at WalMart, you’ll receive a free Smart Shield® applicator that makes the process even easier.  This applicator will allow you to apply the product to the dog’s skin.  It’s so easy to grip, will separate the pet’s hair so you can get right down to the skin, and keeps liquid off your hands allowing owners to treat their dogs without the mess.  Trust me there is nothing worse than getting flea products on your hands, yuck.  You want to ensure a proper treatment so it can effectively work for up to 30 days killing fleas, ticks as well as repelling mosquitoes and preventing flea reinfestation.  When it comes to fleas and ticks you always want to be prepared so be sure to sign up for free Adams Flea & Tick Outbreak Alerts.  Once you sign up for alerts you’ll automatically be entered in the Adams Start Smart, Stay Smart Sweepstakes (go to for complete details).


You’ll definitely want to enter the Adams Start Smart, Stay Smart Sweepstakes because there are some amazing prizes up for grabs.  Giveaway will run through July 31, 2015.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Adams™ Flea & Tick Control Products.

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  1. Luckily, we don't really have issues with fleas here but I can't imagine how it would be. I am sure it's miserable for the pet so it's nice to hear there is a product that is safe, effective, affordable and available for purchase at a retailer like Walmart. That way if your pet ends up with fleas, you don't have to get a costly appointment with a vet and a costly prescription. Thanks for sharing!

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