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How many times have you woken up in the morning feeling horrible and needing something for the pain?  Maybe you woke up with a horrible ear infection, a sinus cold or the flu and need to see a doctor before your day starts.  There have been plenty of times I woke up or started feeling ill only to find out the doctor office has a 3 day wait before you can be seen.  Well now you can virtually chime in to a doctor and get your problems resolved in a matter of minutes, all without leaving the comfort of your home.

Amwell is the nation’s largest telehealth company that allows you to connect with licensed doctors for immediate online visits.  Have your questions answered, diagnoses solves and prescriptions called in to your local pharmacy.  Whether you’re feeling ill during the day or night there is always a family doctor on call.  Not sick?  Not a problem, chime in and ask about teething babies, tummy aches for your children or even an eating question for a pediatrician.  This service is amazing and I wish I knew about it sooner.  Doctor visits involve leaving your home, sitting in a waiting room and than waiting to see a doctor and when you’re not feeling good the last thing you want to do is leave the home.

If you have health insurance Amwell will bill your insurance company to cover the visit.  You first visit will only be $49 to be seen by a doctor and have all your medical concerns addressed.  Right now my readers are getting a exclusive Free visit with a doctor all you have to do is enter in promo code MOMSQUAD at checkout before your visit.  Amwell doctors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and can handle almost all of your concerns.

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So the next time you need a doctor at a moment’s notice just sign up for a free account here.  Once you have signed up you can request a visit with a doctor of your choosing.  While you’re waiting for the doctor to chime in you have a nice waiting “virtual” room to pass the time.  Once connected you have 10 minutes to speak with the doctor via web cams.  They can see you and you can see them as well as talk to them.  No webcam?  Just use the phone in option and you’re on your way to being cared for.

Choosing a provider has never been easier, just click start visit and you’re on your way to listing your symptoms and concerns and will soon be tuned in with the doctor of your choosing.

Choose a provider

You’ll answer a few questions such as who is this visit for, your birthday and your contact number.  Than check off the symptoms you’re experiencing. Best part is you get to choose the pharmacy closest to you and the doctors will send the script right over.  Last but not least once you see the payment screen for $49 just use promo code MOMSQUAD to get a 100% free visit.  Can’t wait to hear how you loved the experience.

If you find a doctor you love and would like to use them again just head into your account and go to recent provider.  It’ll show you who you used and if you’d like to use them again!

Recent provider

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