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Being the new mom to my daughter Madison, has had me going crazy trying to provide only the best for my baby girl.  When it came time to start feeding her “solid” foods I didn’t want to just go to the store and buy jarred food I wanted to make my own foods, in the comfort of my own kitchen.  I love that when I am able to make my daughter’s food that I know exactly what’s in it and it saves me money.  A small jar of baby food is around $1.76 and to make 12 servings with the baby bullet costs around $1.00 depending on what foods you’re cooking.

The Baby Bullet comes equipped with everything you would need to make your own baby food.  The 20 piece set I received includes Batchbowl, Power Base, 2 Blades, Flexible silicone pop batch tray, 6 Date dial storage cups, spatula, 1 short cup, 1 stay fresh lid and one top proof tray.  This set is adorable and does everything you could every want when it comes to creating textures for your baby.  The user manual also comes equipped with a cookbook teaching you how to make purees and different textures based on baby’s age.  Making your own baby food means no hidden ingredients, no fillers, no preservatives and no sugar plus the Baby bullet is BPA Free making it even safer for baby.  The ease of making baby food is so much easier when you have the convenient, light weight, space saving baby bullet.


The Baby Bullet makes healthy, delicious, all natural baby foods that are perfect for any age baby.  We’re talking Purees, Textures, Mini-meals, family’s dinner and Desserts, yummy.  The Date-dial storage cups are perfect for storing fresh baby food in the refrigerator plus they come equipped with an adorably, easy to use turn date dial so you know exactly when your baby food was made.  The silicone easy pop batch tray is perfect for storing fresh baby food in the freezer to enjoy at a later time.  Tip: After the food has been in the freezer for 24 hours pop out the cubes and place in a ziplock baggie with the date on it, that way you can use your freezer tray again.

If you think making your own baby food is a hassle you’re completely mistaken.  I made a batch of sweet potatoes for my daughter and they turned out delicious and were so easy to make.  The Baby Bullet can be purchased for just $59.97 when you head over here.


How to make Sweet Potato Puree:

  • Preheat oven to 400′
  • Lay foil down on a cookie sheet and place the Sweet Potatoes on the sheet
  • Poke holes with a fork all around the sweet potato
  • Cook sweet potatoes in oven for 30 minutes, than flip over and cook other side for 30 minutes
  • Skin will peel right off with the pinch of your finger
  • Throw sweet potatoes into the Baby Bullet with 1 cup of water and blend to desired texture

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