Back to Blocks Wooden Block Sets for kids Review

Back to Blocks provided me these blocks in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


Back to Blocks is a family owned company handcrafting wooden building blocks for children.  Now adays kids are involved with their electronics such as their kindles, ipads, iphones, computers and video gaming system their losing their sense of creativity.  When I was growing up kids didn’t have electronics to play with and we were forced to play outside and get creative; build a fort, climb a tree or play with wooden blocks.  Back to Blocks is bringing me back to my childhood and I love that my 3 and 4 year old boys are able to enjoy, create and bond while playing with these fantastic wooden blocks.


When the wooden blocks from Back To Blocks arrived at my home I was so excited to give them to my boys but they basically looked at me asking where are the batteries, instructions, where does it plug in?  That’s when I was able to show them with just a little imagination a little floor time they could build a house or a castle, maybe a boat..their imagination can run wild.  The boys were so excited to be building all their fun projects they kept having me come over and see what they made now.  I love that my boys are able to use their imagination and love the basic things in life.  Wooden blocks bring back only the best memories for me growing up playing with my older brothers and I hope they’ll continue to appreciate the simplier things in life as well.


The set I received to review was the Wooden Blocks set Jr Bucket 60 piece set.  This set is perfect for little boys and girls  and the wooden blocks will last your child a lifetime.  Blocks aren’t just for kids anymore their great for adults too and their great items to hang on to and pass down to your kids, kids.    Back to Block wooden blocks are handmade in the U.S.A and do not contain any paints or stains their made of all natural wood.  This is so important to me because my daughter is 7 months old and if she happens to put one in her mouth I don’t want to worry about the harmful effects the chemicals would of had.  The 60 piece block set is easily affordable at just $95 + FREE Shipping and can be purchased here.  Now grab your kids a set of Back to Blocks and enjoy hours of calm, quiet children as their imaginations soar.  Blocks are available for ages 3-10 making them the perfect gift for any birthday or holiday.  I loved the quality of these blocks and how smooth they were.  The craftsmanship is excellent and it was a lot of fun seeing what we could build with the 60 pieces.  Definitely a “toy” we’ll be keeping around this household.  Be sure to browse the whole selection of blocks that have and check out the handy buckets the wooden blocks are shipped and stored in.


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