Boba Carrier 4G Review

I have 3 little ones and never got the opportunity to baby wear my other two.  So when my daughter Madison was born I made it a point to wear her in a carrier from the first days of her life for as long as she’ll allow me to.  The problem I found is all the carriers on the market just weren’t fashionable or comfortable and it made baby wearing a pain.  It isn’t until I found the Boba Carrier 4G and fell in LOVE with this beauty.  The Boba Carrier 4G is the ultimate baby carrier on the market and will provide you baby with the sense of security from the moment they’re born.  Perfect for babies and toddlers and can be worn on the front of back of your body for different carrying positions.  My daughter just turned 1 and is 24 lbs and she fits perfectly in this carrier with the front and back carry.  I know you’ll fall in love with the Boba as much as I have and it will provide me with years of use as it can hold up to 45lbs!

Boba 4G carrier

When you’re a busy mom getting things done goes on the back burner as it’s not possible to get things done with a toddler running all over the home.  The Boba allows me to carry my daughter while having 2 hands free making it easy to clean up around the house, do the dishes, do the laundry, blog, do a few DIY projects, go shopping, go for walks and lots more.  I received the Boba Carrier 4G in Soho Red Floral Print and it’s gorgeous.  The bold colors are nice and bright and can pair with any outfit perfectly.  Ease of using the Boba couldn’t be easier.  I am all about convenience and the fact that I can get my daughter buckled in the Boba without additional hands is key for me.  With a retail price of $128 it’s very affordable considering you’ll get at least 2-3 years use out of it.


Did you know there are so many amazing benefits to baby wearing?  Find out a few below.

  • Enables Better Communication
  • Creates Confident Parents
  • Is Convenient
  • Allows you to safely move about
  • Is healthy for you
  • Makes discreet nursing possible
  • Helps you interact

Features to Love:

  • Holds up to 45 lbs
  • Removable sleeping hood
  • Comfortably fits heights 5’0″ – 6’3″
  • Waistband range: 25″ – 58″
  • Additional adjustment for easier fit breastfeeding
  • Removable foot straps
  • Elastic bands neatly roll up straps
  • Shoulder strap holders keep purse in place
  • Easily adjustable chest strap
  • Uniquely designed to “hug” your child
  • Includes Integrated Infant Insert
  • Body of carrier rises 2″-3″ higher than other brands
  • Multiple pockets for on-the-go storage


Time for a Giveaway!! Boba is hosting a giveaway and I’m helping spread the word! You can Enter to Win 1 of 3 Boba Products including a Boba 4G Carrier, Boba Wrap, and Boba Air product!  Entering is easy, good luck everyone!

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One thought on “Boba Carrier 4G Review

  1. Got this for my wife. She loves it. Literal love. She won't stop talking about it. She follows me around the house with our daughter comfortably squished against her just talking about the Boba. It won't stop. She looks in the mirror three times a day just to talk about the color and patterns. Our daughter is always passed out though while she's going on about the Boba. No matter how excited she gets and how much she talks at me about how her "shoulders don't even hurt after three hours" loudly, that baby just sleeps comfortably.

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