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You can never truly be prepared for an emergency to occur and affect your family, your home, your life and more but Boltwell Emergency Preparedness kits are here to help and provide you with the things that would make an emergency easier to handle.  Has your family ever talked about what would happen in the event of an emergency or what you would grab before running out of the house? Boltwell is making sure your family can rest assured knowing they have the very best Emergency Preparedness Kits in their household and are perfect in the event of an earthquake, fire, flood, tornado, hurricane, power outage, winter storm, car problems and even a pet emergency.  We are a family of 5 and since we have 3 very little children in the house I’m surprised I never had an Emergency Kit in our home before and am so thankful I finally have one and it’s filled with so many useful items that are practical for an Emergency.  Sure you can go to the store and grab things and make your own kit but I guarantee you won’t have all the essentials like these kits to ensure your family’s safety.  There are 6 fantastic emergency kits available with the option of 6 add-on supply kits.  No matter what emergency comes up Boltwell has you covered.

I received a very special kit called the Boltwell Emergency Preparedness B*101 kit, which is an introductory to see all that Boltwell has to offer and I was shocked at how many items fit so neatly in the box.

The kit included:

  • Weather radio which is solar powered so you don’t have to be on the hunt for batteries.
  • Hand Sani Pen
  • Multi Tool
  • Food Bar
  • Ultibrush
  • Toilet Kit
  • Quick Dry Chamois Towel
  • Dry Shampoo
  • Pocket Lantern
  • First Aid Kit

I am loving all that Boltwell has to offer to family’s to keep them safe in the event of an emergency and peace of mind of what they actually need to grab as their leaving the home.  Be sure to browse their site and find out which kit is best for you.  Choose from the B*72 Foundation Kit, Pet Emergency Kit, Car Emergency Kit, Grab & Go Kit, 2-Week Meal Kit and Fire Kit.  The Add-on supplies available are tornado/hurricane, germie warfare, earthquake, flood, power outage and winter storm.  Their kits are reasonably priced with kits as low as $75 and go all the way up to $495 for a 2 week food supply.  Most of the emergency kits on the market are filled with over the top products that aren’t true necessities and Boltwell is the first company to provide you with a kit that is actually useful.  This company is getting an A+ from this mother of 3.


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