Bonding with my baby boy

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I now have 4 children in my home and it’s been quite an experience raising every single one of them.  Each baby has one thing in common and it’s that I would bottle feed them a mix of breastmilk pumped and formula until the age of 1.  I always loved bottle feeding from the beginning because it’s a bond I get to form with my children and that my husband can experience as well.  I’ve liked the bottles we’ve used in the past but now I’m in love with the bottles we use now.  Keep on reading to see which bottles I fell in love with for my son Landon and find out how I’m Bonding with my baby boy.

Meet Landon he’s adorable and loves his bottle

Bonding with Baby via a Bottle

Most babies take a bottle at one point or another. If you have a baby that will be taking a bottle soon, there are some things you need to know. Giving a baby a bottle is more than just giving them nourishment, it’s a way to bond with them as well.  It’ll be an experience for both you and your husband or partner. Here are some ways you can bond with your baby via a bottle.

Take a deep breath

Don’t stress about giving your baby a bottle. It will happen naturally and as your baby allows it. All you can do is keep offering the bottle. You can transition your baby to taking a bottle by giving them a few ounces at a time, one feeding at a time.

Bonding with my baby boy

Choose the right bottle

When it comes down to it, the right bottle is what helps you bond with baby the best. When your baby is most comfortable, it’s way easier to bond with them! Choosing the NUK® Simply Natural™ Bottle as your go to bottle is a genius idea. The design of the NUK® Simply Natural™ Bottle has a design that creates that “natural” feel, which helps me bond with my baby boy. This bottle has allowed a natural transition to a bottle, which means more bonding time for my baby and me.

Enjoy the time you have together

The bonding you get while feeding your baby isn’t just from the food, they love spending time with you. The Simply Natural nipple design fits in my baby’s mouth just perfect and it also resembles the breast. The extra soft silicone mimics the breast as well. I have noticed since my baby is transitioning from breast to bottle, we are getting that bonding time still.  Plus my son is pretty picky about his bottles and he’s absolutely loving this one the best!

If you’re considering a bottle to help you bond with your baby, during feedings, keep this in mind: NUK Simply Natural Bottles have up to nine nipple holes because mom’s breast does, too, providing a natural feeding experience, just like mom’s breast. Plus, with three different flow rates, it’s a bottle that grows with my baby.  Be sure to head to your local Target and/or Walmart and grab these NUK bottles.  If you’re loving these you are going to love the NUK Freemie cups, which are available at your local Target or Walmart.

How do you bond with your baby via a bottle?

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