How to make Colored Sand for Kids

It’s finally Summer time and the kids are out of school! It’s time to celebrate and have a little fun with the kids at home!  Colored Sand is a fun, DIY project you can do with the kids at home with items you already have in your cupboards.  It’s so easy to make, takes only 2 ingredients and can be done by the kids!  My 4 year old did this project all by himself with assistance from me of course.  The color options for the sand are endless and will provide hours of fun.  Perfect for a sensory box, sand art, glue on paper and sprinkle with colored salt or decorate a dish by sprinkling some colored salt to make it fun for kids.

How to make colored sand

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Colored Sand for Kids

Ingredients Needed:

  • Salt
  • Food Coloring
  • Plastic Baggies
  • Plastic Cups/Bowls/Etc


Place Salt in baggie.  Amount is completely up to you I did 1/2 cup in 4 different bags

Add in 8-10 food color drops in the middle of the salt, seal zip lock baggie tight

Let the kids squish the bag around mixing the food coloring into all the grains of salt.  Let them go crazy and squeeze, slam, squish, jump around and more.

After color is mixed in pour in containers and let the kids have a blast with their imagination.

Colored Sand for Kids

My kids made Sand arts in baby food jars and tomorrow well be gluing paper and sprinkling with colored sand.

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