Protect the safety of children with Cordless Blinds

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Having raised three small children with one on the way, one of the biggest issues in our home has always been the blinds. You read so many horror stories about a toddler or child getting tangled up in the cords and it can end in tragedy.  I’m an overly cautious mother and cords just make me extremely nervous and not something I want in my home.  It’s been an important step for us to ensure we go cordless, especially with a new baby on the way this August. Join and my family as we go cordless in our homes.  Keep reading to find out how to Protect the safety of children with Cordless Blinds.

Protect the safety of children with Cordless Blinds

#GoCordless Movement

I’m excited to tell my readers about the #GoCordless Movement. It’s important for us all to have safe homes and one way to do that is by going cordless.  I love when safety can be done on a budget and these blinds are must have for each and every single home. was the first custom window provider to go 100% cordless and this happened on March 31, 2016 and I couldn’t be happier.

Protect the safety of children with Cordless Blinds is hoping to encourage families to join the #GoCordless Movement as well! Helping prevent deaths from cords is important and knows this! There are several reasons to go cordless. A child’s safety should be a parent or caregivers top priority.  Take the risk of cords out of your home completely and live a safe and healthy lifestyle. Here are some reasons our family is going cordless.

Cordless Blinds in home

  • Safety of our little ones. When it comes to having a safe home, there is nothing I won’t do! Going cordless is something small that could mean life or death for one of my kids.
  • One less thing to worry about. Honestly, we are going to have four kids. I don’t want to have to worry about something like cord blinds. The sooner I take care of it, the better!
  • Kids are quick. One thing I’ve learned is that kids are quick. I can tell myself that they are safe away from the cords, but kids move fast and anything can happen in the matter of seconds. Safety should always be first!

Cordless Blinds Safety

And to top things off, is partnering with Parents for Window Blind Safety for the ultimate house upgrade with the Project Cordless giveaway to upgrade an entire home, apartment, military housing unit or daycare facility with cordless window coverings at no charge! To nominate, submit a 30-second video to

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