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I love to think of myself as a very crafty girl and being crafty means lots and lots of craft items.  We’re talking glues, mod podge, fabrics, twine, jute, bottles, vinyl, foil, tissue paper, crafting books, different types of papers, scissors and lots more.  In my household everything needs to be organized so I can easily find it when I need things and put them away when I’m done. As they say “A clean house is a happy house!”  For years I have had my craft stuff scattered throughout bedrooms, closets, the garage, my desk and more places and never could find the items I needed when I needed them causing me to skip the project.


On the weekends you’ll find me sitting at my desk or the kitchen table crafting up some beautiful silhouette projects with vinyl, adding glitter to simple cups to add some bling or playing with some scrapbook paper to create a unique gift or card.

Closet Makeover

In our home hallway we have a closet that has been filled with random junk from around the house and served absolutely no purpose.  It was one of those doors you just never opened because things would fall out and make a mess.  Enough was enough and my husband and I decided to give that hall closet a much needed makeover.  We striped out the old wooden shelf, removed all the junk and cleaned really good.  At last a fresh start.  We cleaned, we measured and we brainstormed the best way for organization for all of my crafts and supplies.

Craft Closet

Brainstorming was done and it was time to go to Home Depot and spend some money and make that organizational dream a reality. We purchased the wire shelving in 12″ and 18″ depth and a few hanging hooks and headed home to get started.  My husband did all the measuring, cutting and assembly and I added all my crafty supplies.  As you will see my entire hall closet is filled with some fantastic blue, clear, white and black storage boxes from See Jane Work.  I received storage boxes in multiple sizes, filing trays, baskets and more and I couldn’t be happier with the results.  All labels were creating using white vinyl and my silhouette cameo machine!


Curious how the inside of the containers look?


Organize with Silhouette Cameo

Washi Tape


Scrapbook Paper


Don’t you love how organized all my supplies are?  Recreating this is easy with a few of my favorite See Jane Work storage containers/baskets and some wire shelving from your local Home Depot or Lowes.

Curious what’s all in my cabinet? Check out the detailed list here.

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