Daddy’s Disposable Diaper Changing Pads #Review


Having little ones means your always traveling with so much stuff.  My daughters diaper bag is packed full of clothes, diapers, wipes, toys and just barely fitting is an oversized diaper changing pad.  There’s really no room for the changing pad but it’s an essential to have while I’m out and about and it’s duty time.  I was so excited to get the opportunity to review the Daddy’s disposable diaper changing pads because their lightweight, take up little to no room and they work great.  Their comfortable, absorbent, leak proof and have adorable prints to keep your baby focused during diapers changes.


We went out to dinner last night and I got to use one for the first time and I love the ease of laying out this changing pad cover and throwing it away when I’m done.  Less bulk for the diaper bag and my baby girl is still protected.  Wish I would of found this product much sooner, good bye bulky changing pad covers.  Grab your own box of Daddy Changing pads for just $7.95 here.


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