DIY Balloon Vase

If you are looking for a unique way to display flowers, this DIY balloon vase may fit the bill. This balloon vase is a great way to keep your flowers hydrated while creating a neat conversation piece at the same time. Here is how you can craft your own balloon vase just like the one you see here.

DIY Balloon Vase

DIY Balloon Vase

What you need:

Vase or vessel of your choice
Balloon in your choice of color


1. Begin by dropping the balloon down into the vase. Do not let go, just drop it in far enough so the opening of the balloon matches up to the opening of the vase.
2. Stretch the opening of the balloon over the mouth of the vase.
3. Place the vase under a faucet and slowly fill the balloon with water.
4. Add your fresh flowers directly into the balloon.
5. Finish by embellishing with ribbon. Just tie some coordinating ribbon around the mouth of the vase.



Your DIY Balloon Vase is now ready to be enjoyed. These would be adorable for a children’s birthday party, baby or wedding shower, or even for a garden party. Gather your supplies and give this easy DIY a try!

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