DIY Faux Metal Letters

Our home is the place to let our creativity out.  I love anything with a gorgeous oil rubbed bronze finish and I wanted to add a special piece to my kitchen with the letters “EAT”.  Find out how I made my very own set of DIY Faux Metal Letters for under $10.

Paper Mache Metal 2

I have always admired the Zinc Letters from Anthropologie but am not a huge fan of the lighter color but love the style of the letters.  Of course I’m not going to pay $18.00 per letter to create this project so I headed to my local Hobby Lobby and grabbed a few paper mache letters for just $2.99 each.  Once I got home I couldn’t wait to get this product started.


Paper Mache Letters

Rustoleum Oil Rubbed Bronze Spray Paint

Sand Paper


I grabbed my EAT Letters and headed outside to start my spray painting process. I laid out old newspaper on top of my spa cover and laid the letters out with about 2 inches of spacing in between each letter.  I started to spray paint the front of the letters than went back through and spray painted the top, bottom, sides and in betweens.  I allowed my letters to dry outside for about an hour.  After the inital drying time I gave them another quick spray and allowed them to dry inside for 24 hours.  I was very pleased with the look and the coverage and wanted to give them a distressed look to give them some character!  I took my fine grit sandpaper and sanded the edges until I was happy with the look.  Once that was done I took some command stickers and hung them up in my kitchen and they look fantastic!

Faux Metal Letter process

Faux Metal Letter process1

Paper Mache Metal Letters

distress faux metal letter

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