DIY Good Morning Mugs from Dollar Tree

Do you ever wake up in the morning and crave that cup of coffee, tea, latte or maybe a nice cup of hot cocoa?  Well since the Summer mornings have been so cold lately and the evenings even colder my husband and I love to lounge around the house and drink our specialty drinks together.  What better way to enjoy our drinks than with custom made “Good Morning Beautiful” and “Good Morning Handsome” Coffee mugs?  I turned these Dollar Tree mugs into a beautiful keepsake that we can use for years and years plus they look great displayed in our kitchen.

Good Morning Mugs

Project: DIY Dollar Tree Quote Mugs using Silhouette Cameo

Expert Level: Beginner
Project Time: 20 minutes

Supplies Needed:

Good Morning Application


Open up your Silhouette Software and pick your desired fonts.  I used font Pacifico for Good Morning on both Mugs in size 50  and I used font Fontdinerdotcom Luvable for Beautiful and Handsome in size 50.

Once you are happy with the set up of your text send the text to cut function.  I chose to only cut Good Morning twice on black vinyl and chose to not cut the others since those would be different colors.  It took me 3 cuts through the machine using black vinyl, green vinyl and pink vinyl to get the desired look on my mugs.  

Place the vinyl on your cutting mat and feed through the machine using a 2 cut blade.

After cut is complete remove from cutter and weed out your excess vinyl.

Apply clear transfer paper and apply to mug in desired location.

That’s it, nothing else is needed.

Good Morning Beautiful Mug

Once your vinyl is firmly pressed on it can be washed in the sink or even the dishwasher if you wish.

8 thoughts on “DIY Good Morning Mugs from Dollar Tree

  1. Love these, so cute. Is there a special kind of vinyl you need to use for it to be washable? I am new to the vinyl crafts and have seen lots of cute sayings on cups and glasses, but always wondered if it stays on after several washings.
    1. Hi Pam thanks so much for checking out these posts! I just used a standard indoor silhouette vinyl and it has held great being handwashed and placed in the dishwasher. If you would like you could also apply a thing later of mod podge to ensure it staying put as well!
  2. how does it stick to the mug? Does the vinyl have sticky on the back? I'm new to the silhouette, i just got it for christmas and i get how it works, but now how what you cut out stays on anything
    1. Great question Bethany! When I first got my silhouette i was so overwhelemed! Since I used Vinyl on this project it's technically a permanent sticker. So you feed your vinyl into the silhouette machine and make the cut. Once the cut is complete remove the vinyl and pull off the excess vinyl around your cut out words "Example: Good morning". Than you apply a piece of transfer tape over the wording and allows you to stick it on a plate/mug/cup/etc.

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