DIY Makeup Brush Holder!

brush holder
Ever wondered what to do with all those makeup brushes you have lying around your room and bathroom?  How about putting them on display and storing them in adorable holders that fit perfectly on a makeup vanity, cabinet, dresser or bathroom sink.  I know this steps away from the coupon savings a bit but sometimes it’s fun to change things up!  There are so many ways to be creative in the home and adding your own personal touch just makes things fit into your home so much better.
Supplies Needed:
  • Glass Jar (square, circle, oval) you’re choice – I purchased mind from Michaels and used a 40% off coupon
  • Bag of Vase Filler (Clear)
  • Bag of Marbles (optional) – I used for the pop of color
  • Makeup Brushes
  • Ribbon of your choice

PicMonkey Collage1111

  1. Take your glass jar and fill it up with vase filler about 2.5 inches from the top!
  2. Add in Colored marbles if you chose that.
  3. Tie a Pretty bow around it.
  4. Insert your makeup brushes!
  5. Wala! A beautiful Makeup Brush Holder!

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