DIY Toilet Fizz Bombs

If you’ve ever heard of bath bombs you’re going to be familiar with these fizz bombs.  These DIY Toilet Fizz Bombs contain all the ingredients you need to give your toilet a quick refresh.

DIY Toilet Fizz Bombs

These DIY Toilet Fizz Bombs are so easy to make and work wonderfully in the bathrooms.  Use as often as you wish by dropping one Fizz Bomb into the toilet and watch the fizzing action go to work.  I filled my DIY Toilet Fizz Bombs with my favorite Lemon extract.  Everytime I use these my entire bathroom smells of lemons and it smells amazing.  These are so simple to use, you can even allow the older kids to help out.

DIY Toilet Fizz Bombs

What you need:

  • 1/4 cup citric acid (Purchase here)
  • 1 cup baking soda (Purchase here)
  • Distilled White Vinegar
  • 15 drops Lemon Extract
  • Mini Muffin Pan (purchase here)


Grab a medium sized mixing bowl and pour in your baking soda and citric acid and stir together with a fork.  Grab your bottle of vinegar and add a little drop of vinegar to your powder mixture and stir quickly.  You don’t want the vinegar to activate the baking soda as that will ruin your project.  Add a little bit more vinegar and stir again.  I did this a total of 3 times.  You want to continue to stir your mixture until it all comes together like wet sand.  Once you have the perfect consistency add in your drops of essential oil in your scent of choice.  Give it a quick stir.  Now grab your mini muffin pan and using a spoon, spoon in your mixture and press down firmly.  You want to make sure your DIY Toilet Fizz Bombs are packed nice and tight.  Allow to sit for a few minutes. Now lay out a piece of parchment paper and flip your pan over.  Tap the bottom of each pan with your spoon to release the Fizz Bombs.  Allow them to dry for about 1 hour before storing them in an airtight container!  I popped one in the toilet as soon as I popped them out of the pan and they work amazing!

DIY Toilet Fizz Bombs final

DIY Toilet Fizz Bombs citric acid

DIY Toilet Fizz Bombs mixture

DIY Toilet Fizz Bombs muffin pan

DIY Toilet Fizz Bombs setting


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18 thoughts on “DIY Toilet Fizz Bombs

  1. I use baking soda and vinegar to clean my toilets too. But how much more fun it would be to use these little tablets! I found you on Pinworthy Projects and would like to invite you to share this with us at our Friday Frenzy party too. – Angels Homestead
  2. These look really fun. I'd have fun dumping them in the toilet and watching them fizz. Thank you for coming to the Inspire Me Monday Linky party on Monday. I'm Janice, one of your hostesses.
  3. Tried to make these. Started to fizz immediately. Put in pan & fizzed all over the place :( I put some fizzy stuff in toilet though & it does smell awesome
    1. I had this accident when making bath bombs. It just keeps growing! My problem was too much water. 2nd attempt worked out perfectly. Your second attempt.will work too.
  4. Hello: To prevent early fizzing, you should try adding your liquid ingredients with Baking Soda only and then add in your citric acid or rather than water or vinegar try alcohol or witch hazel- they contain less water and therefore won't fizz as much.

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