DIY Twine & Yarn Vase

I absolutely love Do-it-yourself projects because there is nothing better than taking something so plain and turning it into a colorful masterpiece to blend in with your home scheme.  DIY projects are perfect for practically any place in your entire home from bedrooms, living rooms, family rooms, kitchens, garages and even outdoors and DIY means you’re going to LOVE the end result.  This week I ventured onto another DIY project and took a plain and ordinary vase and turned it into a turquoise masterpiece which fits perfectly in my master bedroom!   Ready to recreate this project yourself?

Twine Project

DIY Twine & Yarn Vase


Supplies Needed:

  • Old Container (i.e tin can, glass container)
  • Yarn & Jute Twine
  • School Glue
  • Scissors



Starting at the top of the container, working in small sections, apply a liberal amount of glue.

Press down the end of yarn or twine in to the glue and slowly wrap it around the container. While wrapping, keep tension on the line to avoid it becoming to lose.

Adjust any gaps in the line by gently pressing the twine or yarn upwards.

If doing stripes, measure out our container and decided how thick you want each stripe to be. Continue with the same process just switch out the colors for each stripe.

To give it a more finished look, start and stop each color on the same side of the container.


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