DIY No-sew Bench Seat Cushion under 30 minutes

No Sew DIY Bench Seat

My husband and I just gave our Master bedroom a much needed makeover! We went from drab to fab on a budget and I couldn’t be any happier with how amazing it turned out!  In order to keep my budget in line I decided to make my own Bench Seat Cushion instead of paying the ridiculous price of getting a custom made one.  This DIY No-sew Bench Seat was one of the easier projects I’ve done this year and I can’t wait until I get the opportunity to make more for my home.  In our room we have always had the space for the bench seat cushion but never took the time to get one in there so instead it was more of a clutter, store all area, which I hated.  Now the gorgeous pop of Coral looks so pretty against the soft gray walls and I’m so in love.  Best of all this whole project was no sew, easy for beginners and took less than 30 minutes to complete.  You don’t realize how much a pop of color can brighten your entire room.  Whose ready to do this project on a budget?  You’ll be so happy I’m sure of it.  Bench Seat Cushions are great for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, playrooms, outside swings and more.   After a month I’m happy to report this bench seat is still holding up nicely so I’m so glad I went with the no sew method.  Less stress, less cost works for me.  If you have some crafty kids around the house this would be a perfect beginner project to get them started with.  Other than cutting the poly foam with a sharp knife there is no way your children can get hurt doing this project.

Supplies Needed:

  • Poly Foam (I purchased mine at Joann’s Fabrics)
  • Fabric of your Choice
  • Safety Pins
  • Electric cutting knife/butter knife


Head to your local craft store and buy Poly Foam for the desired length needed.  I purchased 1 yard of 3″ Poly foam and was able to cut it in half to make my complete bench.  This was a great way to save money plus I got the Poly foam on sale for 50% off while Joann’s Fabrics was having a sale.  My bench seat area I am covering is 69″ Long x 11 3/4″ Deep.

To cut your Poly Foam you can use any butter knife or electric cutting knife and cut the desired width and length to complete your bench seat.  The poly foam is so easy to cut.

No Sew DIY Bench Seat

After the Poly Foam is cut I laid out my fabric, pattern side down and laid the poly foam on top of it.  Next cut your fabric to the desired length and width to cover your material. I purchased 2 yards so I had plenty of fabric left over to make some throw pillows and more. 

Pulling the fabric tight around the poly foam you’ll start to safety pin down the center across the entire surface.  Make sure fabric is pulled very tight to prevent creasing and loose fabric looks.  For the ends you wrap the fabric up like a present and safety pin it securely.

No Sew DIY Bench Seat

Flip your bench cushion over and put it in your space and watch how it brings an instant pop of color to your room.  What I love about the no sew method is this can easily be removed for washing as well as easily switched out for another fabric.  This whole project took under 30 minutes to complete and less than $40 in materials!

No Sew DIY Bench Seat

No Sew DIY Bench Seat

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial and keep a look out for my Master Bedroom makeover where the bench seat cushion will be making an appearance once again! 

3 thoughts on “DIY No-sew Bench Seat Cushion under 30 minutes

      1. This is excellent. I never sew anything in my life and was overwhelmed with the price for a custom made cushion. Will do this for my mudroom cushion. I have two toddlers. Could you pls share if there is a way to secure it so they won't pull out the safety pins and hurt themselves?

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