Fresh Tape Reusable Tape for foods

Fresh Tape is the newest thing to hit the markets and it’s amazing.  Fresh Tape is for food bags and 100% safe, reusable and made in the USA.

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Having little kids in my home you can only image how many times I need to seal up bags so my foods stay fresh.  Just image those chip bags, pretzels bags, cookies and more going stall because you couldn’t find the chip clip.  Fresh Tape takes the worry out of stale foods and makes them fresh and so easy to use even the little ones can apply the fun and reusable tape.  Choose from a variety of patterns to give your pantry a much needed makeover.  These tapes can be used dozens of times before they need to be swapped out and are perfect to use on chips, pretzels, snack bags, vegetables, freezer bags and more.  Fresh Tape is taking out the bulk that is caused by chip clips and making them so easy to use the entire family can help out.  I go to the grocery store weekly and I buy bulk snacks a lot of the time for my kids.  As soon as I get home I open the bags or containers and pour the snacks into individual baggies for my kids to take on road trips, the babysitters, school lunches and more.

Fresh Tape

Fresh Tape is a life saver and has definitely made an impact in my kitchen.  These products can be purchased in a variety of prints ranging from Kids 2.0, Yummy Patterns, Tailgate, Animal Prints, Bible Quotes, Cats, Dogs, Retro, Nautical and even more.  Packages are sold for just $9.99 and can be picked up from or from Sur de la table and Bristol Farms in Los Angeles, CA.  This is a product you need in your kitchen and would be perfect for arts and crafts as well.

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