Front Door Makeover with the power of Paint

When my husband and I decided we were going to move to find a home with more space I was a bit nervous.  I was leaving my first home ever and starting a new adventure with my husband and children in a new city, but I’m always up for an adventure.  We found the most amazing neighborhood where everyone knows everyone, the kids can ride their bikes without any concerns and it was so quiet.  Once we were sold on the neighborhood we had to find the perfect house.  Our search continued and we found the house that was perfect for us, we were determined to make it our dream home.

This home had the square footage we needed for our family and came with a pool which has been a life saver with the scorching heat this summer.  The home needed work on both the inside and the outside and we had such a strict budget to work with to get things done.  We started work right away on the inside which included an added bedroom, removing a wall, a new kitchen, new flooring and paint.  The outside needs a lot of work but it wasn’t in the budget so we had to make changes that were affordable. One of the things that bugged me the most was definitely the burgundy front door.  It was so drab and ugly and it had to go.  With the help of Modern Masters Front Door paint I was able to transform my ugly front door to a gorgeous front door that I love coming home to.  So with a sunny afternoon and a few hours to spare we we’re able to transform our door on a budget and it turned out so perfect!

Black Front Door

Modern Masters Front Door paint is available in a variety of 25 colors to choose from to suit any personality.  This paint is perfect for your front door because it has a Never-Fades Guaranteed! The formula is water based and quick dry that allows you to finish painting and close your door the same day. I loved that it was water based because I got some on my hands and it came right off with soap and water.

Black Front door1

The process of painting our front door was pretty straight forward.  Using a brush dip your brush into the paint and paint your front door in up and down strokes.  To give my door the look I was going for it needed 2 full coats of Elegant Front Door Paint and drying time of 1 hour in between.  I was amazed at how amazing my front door looked after two coats, it seriously looks like a brand new door.  Do you love how it turned out?  Which color are you going to try to transform the look of your home?

The Before

Horsham House Before

I no longer hate my door and get compliments every day on how gorgeous my black front door is.  I’m falling more in love with my Home Sweet Home every single day.

Modern Masters Front Door Paint is also available at and selected Lowe’s stores nationwide. Be sure to come back and show the pictures of your newly painted front doors! 

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  1. Thank you for the great project with out non-fade Front Door Paint - it looks amazing! We love how stately your entrance looks and think the black was such an elegant choice. Thank you again!

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