Fully Loaded 2015 Kia Sedona is a dream come true

Being a family of 5 and always being on the go we’re always looking for a vehicle with the most room.  Recently my family and I got the amazing opportunity to test drive the all new 2015 Kia Sedona for an entire week and I feel in love at first sight.  Isn’t she a beauty?


I was always the girl that said I would never drive a minivan, never ever, but after you have 3 kids you start to think of better alternatives for more room for your travels.  While driving around I have been eyeing the new Kia Sedona and the sleek look looks like a SUV and not at all like a minivan I saw growing up in the 90s.  The car is nicely sized and the inside is amazing.  At my first glance inside my Kia Sedona I noticed the large driver and passenger seats allowing plenty of leg room and wider seats to accommodate adults of all sizes.  The middle row featured two stand alone seats that could recline and came with handy arm rests which I loved for my passengers and the back row was equipped with 3 seats and just as roomy as the rest of the car.  With most SUV’s when you pull up that 3rd row seating you lose the storage space in the back but not with the 2015 Kia Sedona.  Even with 3 rows of seats you still have plenty of space for storage that is actually dropped down cargo space so shopping is a breeze.  I was able to store my stroller, grocery bags, diaper bag as well as my purse in the back with plenty of space left over!

My first impression of the Kia Sedona was an amazing one and after driving it around for a week I loved it on a scale of 1-10, a 15, that’s how much I loved this car and would love to drive it around for another week if I had the chance.  It’s the perfect car for larger families and great for long trips because there is plenty of leg space to stretch out which my husband and I loved.  Leg Room is hard to find in several cars and this one had more than enough.

Kia Sedona cargo

There are a lot of amazing features for the driver and front passenger including heated and cooling seats with plenty of seat room and high back seats with adjustable head rests.  I absolutely loved the heated steering wheel and driver lane assistance since I’m always driving with kids it’s very helpful.  The car features a rear view mirror to be able to see the kids in the backseat without changing the position of your main rear view mirror.  Parking has never been easier than with the backup camera allowing you to Parallel Park with ease.  I’m the worst parallel parker but when I have guidelines and signals it makes it so much easier and I can breathe a little.


You’ll love the deep center console to store your phone, iPod, planner and more during your drive and wait until you see how big the glove department is.  Above the Glove Department you have a cooling center that allows you to make sodas and drinks cold during your drive, how amazing is this?  Of course the front passengers can’t have all the perks of this beautiful ride.  The 2nd row enjoys their own air conditioning vents with controlled panels and of course heated seats.  My kids didn’t get to experience the heated seats as they’re still in car seats but the feature is so nice to have.  Since the 2nd rows of seats are stand alone seats there is a pathway to make it to the 3rd row without climbing over seats which I love.  This is so much more convenient when you have someone in the 3rd row on a daily basis.

Kia Sedona Seats

Now let’s talk about doors, this may have been my kids favorite part of the entire car.  When you’re ready to get out of the car you push the button inside and the doors open “like magic” my kids say.  Get out of the car and press the same button and watch it close slowly.  From the outside just pull up on the handle and watch the door open up so you can get the kids settled.  I love this featured especially when I’m carrying bags, or holding my daughter and even when I’m pushing the stroller.  This car is a mom dream and has so many luxury feelings you don’t even feel like you’re driving a van.  This is a definitely a luxury car with so many amazing perks for bigger families.

Kid Sedona Walkway

You want this give this 2015 Kia Sedona a test drive don’t you?  Well that can easily be arranged by going here and entering your zip code.  If you’re like me you won’t even want to get out of the car after the test drive!  I drove around the 2015 Kia Sedona fully loaded and it had a MSRP of $ .

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