Funley’s Delicious and Nutritious Snacks – Perfect alternative for Easter items

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My little ones are always sneaking into the pantry to grab a quick, normally unhealthy snack when their hungry.  Now thanks to Funley’s my pantry is stocked with delicious and nutritious snacks for my boys and they don’t even realize it.  Consider stocking your children’s easter baskets with the deliciousness of Funley’s snacks.  Choose from Stix in the Mud, Wholly Granolly Clusters and Super Crackers and I know they’ll be a hit with kids and adults.  Most nutritious snacks are disgusting and aren’t kids approved, well I know first hand that Funley’s snacks are definitely toddler, kid and adult approved.  Way to go.  So in the next few weeks when you’re filling the kid’s Easter basket replace the harmful chocolates and candies with a fun pack of Funley’s.

Stix in the Mud are whole grain cookie bits covered in pure milk chocolate and are available in Original, Caramel and Peanut Butter. The Stix in the Mud were my personal favorites I couldn’t get enough of the peanut butter covered in chocolate, mmm pure delight.

The Wholly Granolly Clusters are available in Peanut Butter Pretzel, Wild Apple Berry and Double Chocolate chip and are perfect for breakfast or on the go snacks.

The Super Crackers are available in Cheddar, Pizza, Ranch and Cornbread and they contain spinach and sweet potato making them a healthy treat for everyone.  The super crackers were so good and my kids definitely didn’t know they contained spinach.


The snacks are wrapped individually making them ideal for lunch boxes and car trips.  We packed up lots of little baggies and took them with us to a day at Disneyland and I loved that we had delicious, on the go snacks throughout the day!

Stix in the Mud are homemade cookie clusters and make great alternatives to some of your favorites goodies.

  • 100% Natural (No artificial anything)
  • Whole grain flour cookie bits
  • Individually wrapped (perfect for portion control)
  • Kosher + Eco friendly box

The Original Stix in the Mud are the perfect alternative to your favorite Clusters.  

The Peanut Butter Stix in the Mud are the perfect alternative to your favorite PB cups.  

The Caramel Stix in the Mud are the perfect alternative to Turtles.

All Natural Super Crackers have superfood Veggies hidden inside and are perfect for little ones.

  • 100% Natural (No Preservatives)
  • Calorie Snack Packs for on the go
  • Funley’s Characters stamped on crackers
  • Kosher
  • Good Source of Vitamin D, Calcium & Iron
  • SB-12 School Compliant
  • GMO-Free

The Cheddar n’ stuff has hidden broccoli inside and a pack is only 100 calories.  

Pizza n’ stuff has carrots hidden inside and a pack is only 90 calories.

Ranch n’ stuff has spinach hidden inside and a pack is only 90 calories.

Cornbread n’ stuff has sweet potato hidden inside and a pack is only 90 calories.

All Natural Wholly Granolly Clusters

  • 100% Natural (No Trans Fats)
  • Snack Packs for on the go
  • Unique and healthy crunchy snack
  • Kosher
  • Good Source of Vitamin D, Calcium & Iron
  • Low Sodium

Wild Apple Berry Snack Packs contain blueberries, cranberries & apples.

Peanut Butter Pretzel Snack Packs contain Natural peanut butter, peanuts and pretzels.

Double Chocolate Chip Snack Packs contain Natural chocolate chips.

So not only are Funley’s delicious and kid approved but their also affordable.  Explore the whole variety and selection of Funley’s Snacks on Amazon.

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