Get Gorgeous skin with LANEIGE

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Our Skin is a natural protectant that keeps our body safe from free radicals, chemicals, and protects our insides from the environment. As we go through our day to day life, we forget that our skin endures makeup, sun exposure, wind exposure, pollution, and stress on a daily basis. Our skin, however, is just as important to take care of as eating right, exercising and de-stressing. Our skin deserves better treatment than what it gets. That is why I follow the LANEIGE Water Bank Line and the “Power of 7” K-Beauty Regimen!

Get Gorgeous skin with LANEIGE

Get Gorgeous skin with LANEIGE

What is Laneige?

LANEIGE is a global beauty brand that utilizes technology and natural botanicals to help a wide range of beauty and skincare concerns. LANEIGE is an award winning products that is leading the Korean-Beauty known as K-beauty. It has perfected the K-beauty routine with the power of the 7 K-beauty regimen. If you follow their regimen, you won’t be disappointed.


The Regimen

Like any exercise regimen or healthy eating program, there are certain steps you must take to maintain the desired affects you want. I follow the following regimen to maintain healthy younger looking skin for my face:

  1. Cleanse: The first step in creating healthy skin is to cleanse it. I wear a lot of makeup throughout the day which can clog up my pours and make my skin look older before it’s time. LANEIGE multi-cleanser is a great option for makeup users as it is infused with skin perfecting Papaya and removes and exfoliates makeup buildup.
  2. Clarify: After cleansing my pores from old makeup, it is important to clarify and enhance your skin tone. This is a step that I never realized was important, but LANEIGE Power Essential Skin Toner is great for bringing out your natural tones without makeup.
  3. Balance: Did you know that all the harsh chemicals and free radicals in the air can unbalance the chemistry in your skin? I didn’t either until I started using LANEIGE Balancing Emulsion after I clarified my face.
  4. Treat: Because our skin endures so much throughout the day, when you do try to moisturize and revive your skin, it may not be willing to absorb it. LANEIGE Water Bank Serum gives your skin the treatment it needs to absorb the nutrients and moisture you want to give it.
  5. Moisturize: Many times oily skin is just an over compensation of the body reacting to dry skin. We all have natural oils in our skin, but as we wear makeup, dry our skin out in the sun, and collect chemicals from the air, our skin’s natural moisture is lost. The LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask helps add moisture and bounce back into my skin.
  6. Revive: Revive is an important weekly step that your skin needs to replenish itself. The LANEIGE Water Sleeping Mask hydrates, moisturizes, and retextures my skin as I sleep. It is ultra-hydrating and helps my skin produce those natural oils on it’s own.
  7. Protect: One of the easiest things we can do for our skin is to protect it from harmful rays. That is why I use my BB Cushion with SPF 50+ to help protect my skin against harmful rays that tear down my beautiful skin.


I wasn’t ever one to think I would need to take care of my skin, but LANEIGE’s patented advanced water technology has made my skin more radiant than ever before because it actually hydrates the skin from inside the cells to protect, illuminate, and revitalize for visible results. The best thing about this regimen with LANEIGE products is that they are affordable skincare products that you can find only and in store at places like Target.


How would you like to get started with the LANEIGE Water Bank Line and the “Power of 7” K-Beauty Regimen? What are you waiting for? Get started today!

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