GoodNites® Lights out Routine for children

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of GoodNites®.


GoodNites® are providing you with one of the best solutions for bedwetting caused by enuresis.  Older children who wet the bed need to know their not alone and it happens to lots of children.  My son has the occassional bedwetting incident and he gets so ashamed and I always let him know it’s okay and it’s nothing something that is physically wrong with him.  Did you know 5-7 million children are having occassional bedwetting incidents due to enuresis?  That is a high statistic that should help your child feel at ease.


GoodNites® have been giving my son and I much better rest now that his sheets are covered and stay dry.  If an incident was to occur GoodNites® Bed Mats will keep your children’s sheets dry and changing them is a breeze.  No mother or father wants to wake up at 2 am to have to change a set of wet sheets and apply a new sheet set with a fussy, sleepy child.  The GoodNites® Bed Mats are easy to stick to the sheet by peeling the adhesive strips and can be removed from the sheets in a matter of seconds.  The process is so easy my son can do it all by himself and it makes him feel like such a big boy.  One concern you may have is are these Bed Mats noisy when your child is tossing around at night and I’m so happy to tell you they don’t make a sound.  Your child won’t even notice the difference between sheets and the GoodNites® Bed Mats.

Bedwetting can be caused by a variety of problems such as bullying at school, stressful situations, a change in home life, a new baby or an increase in fluids or caffeine.  My son goes to bed right around 9pm every night so we have developed a routine to help his bladder be less full to help with bedwetting through the night.  Around 7 pm my son is allowed one last glass of water or milk and that’s it before bed time.  Around 840 we head to the bathroom where he brushes his teeth and he goes potty to ensure an empty bladder.  Right around 850 pm he crawls into bed and I read him a story, every night as it helps calm his mind at the end of the day and have good thoughts.  When 9pm rolls around it’s lights out time and I turn on soothing music and his nightlight.  He feels at peace and goes to sleep very easily; if for some reason he can’t go to sleep he calls me in and asks for a hug.  It’s so important to respond to your children and let them know you’re there for them when they need you the most.  My son knows I’m always there whether it’s 9pm or 3am, if he calls me I’m right there.  A routine is definitely need for a great night sleep and less of a chance of bedwetting.


My son has been using the GoodNites® Bed Mats for about 7 days and has had 1 accident.  The Bed Mat absorbed the urine and helped soak up some of the urine on his pants.  He called me in there and I was able to change the GoodNites® Bed Mat in a matter of seconds and apply a new one so quickly.  The GoodNites® Bed Mats are ultra absorbent and are so perfect for late night clean ups.  I love that changing out the Bed Mats is so much easier than putting on a whole new sheet set plus it allows my son to get back to sleep much quicker!  GoodNites® Bed Mats where have you been all my children’s lives?  I would love to hear your night time routine with your little ones so feel free to share in the comments!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of GoodNites®.
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