Flower Money Headband Handmade

Graduation is a very special and memorable time for the individual graduating.  Whether you know someone graduating from Elementary school, Middle School, High School, College or even the princess or prince at a Birthday bash you can create a special gift for that loved one.  Just imagine the look on their face when you present them with a beautifully handmade MONEY Hawaiian Lei Headpiece to wear for their special day.  These turn out so beautiful it’s almost to hard to take them apart but my special piece contains $30 for that special graduation.  I created this beautiful money flower piece for my Niece who is graduating from middle school and I know she’ll LOVE this!

Money Headband

Money Headband Flower

Supplies Needed:

Headpiece (I picked up a pack of Princess party pieces at Dollar Tree for $1 and remove the sign)

Dollar Bills (Any Assortment) – I used 30 – $1.00 bills

Floral Wire



Grab all your necessary supplies, at first were going to start with folding the dollar bills into the hawaiian flowers.

Step 1: Lay your $1.00 bill out flat.

Step 2: Fold your bill in the middle (side-to-side) unfold.

Step 3: Fold your bill in the middle (top-to-bottom) unfold.

Step 4: Place the bill face side down and fold the edges in. (I folded mine to the I in United and to the A in America. (Don’t unfold)

Step 5: Fold the corners in 2 folds each side

Step 6: Fold the bottom to the middle crease, fold the top to the middle crease.

Step 7: Fold bill directly in the middle (Don’t unfold)

Repeat until all bills are folded

Folding Money

Flower Assembly:

Gather 3 Folded Bills and bunch together (all facing the same direction).

Take your floral wire and wrap the bills together in the middle tightly and twist the end of the wiring to secure in place.

Once you have the wire in the middle start to unfold the flowers by pushing out the sides to “open” them up.

Once your flowers are “opened” up fold the tips down a little to keep them opened and look more flowery.

Money Flower

Headband Assembly:

Take ANY headband accessories (you can use headband, head piece like me, ribbon, tulle, shoelace, etc.).

Depending how you want it to be able to sit I poked holes in my headpiece and looped ribbon through the back so my niece can tie the piece with a bow to keep it securely on her head.

Take the floral wire attached to the flowers and wrap it securely around your head piece in any order.


That’s it!  You have a beautiful, one of a kind, unique gift to give that special Graduate on Graduation day! 

Money Flower

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