Health Benefits for your dog Using Iams® Dog Food

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Iams for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

When it comes to my family, we try to eat as healthy as we can. We always feel better when we eat healthier. While we don’t eat perfect all of the time, the secret is that we try to eat healthy MOST of the time. Eating healthier helps this mom of 3 have energy for the entire day. Trust me, I need it all!

One thing I noticed is that our family is eating healthier, but our pets aren’t. I used to just buy whatever dog food was on sale because I didn’t think it necessarily mattered what the dog ate as long as it came from a company that SAID their product was great.

Well, the more I got to thinking, the more I realized that dogs need proper nutrition in their diet too. I shouldn’t just take the company’s word for it, I should investigate what is in the dogfood on my own. So I went on a mission to make sure the food we’re giving our dog is top notch. And by top notch, I mean Iams® dog food. We’re about to make the switch and I wanted to keep my readers informed. I want you guys to be able to see the difference dog food makes in the life of our dog.

Because let’s face it, when your dog eats healthier, they feel better too. And Iams® dog food is focused around superior quality. Dogs who switch to Iams show signs of improved health in their coats and skin, healthy digestion and overall energy levels.

So here it goes!

My dog Tanner is my first “born” and I’ve had him since he was 8 weeks old.  I drove over 2 hours to pick him up because once I saw the photo of this stud I was in love.  He’s a maltipoo which is a poodle and maltese mix and he’s adorable.  His health and safety are my top priorities and I only do what’s best for him.  When it comes to proper nutrition I want him to have all the proper foods to make him live a long and healthy life.  Here is our dog Tanner and we’re switching from Beneful to Iams® dog food. We’re trying Iams because we want our dog to be healthier and we want to be able to help in any way we can. If something as simple as switching the dog’s dog food makes it healthier, then we are all for it! Don’t worry, we’ll be following safety rules for changing pet’s food to ensure a happy and healthy transition.

It’s so important when making a switch with your dog’s food to do it in a safe and proper way.  You want to introduce the new food gradually by mixing 25% new food with 75% current food so your dog can get acquainted to the taste.  Carefully add in more and more food over the course of 3 days and at the end of your 3 day introduction your dog should be enjoying their new dry food!  Be sure to watch the habits of your dog and make sure they are digesting their food properly. Iams quality dog food

Be sure to come back in a few weeks and see how our transition is going from Beneful to Iams® Dog Food. While visiting Iams Visible Differences you’ll be able to grab a high value $5 off coupon that will save you big on Iams® Dog Food.

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