Heroic Habits with LISTERINE for your family

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We have 3 little ones in our home with a mouth full of teeth that are so healthy.  Since my kids had their first tooth pop up we have instilled great oral hygiene habits into their head so we could start a routine young.  Brushing our teeth in our household is a fun  task that we do every morning and every evening and to make it even more fun we use our favorite products from LISTERINE.  Whether we are at home, on the road, out to dinner or anything else we always make sure we have easy to use LISTERINE products on hand.  Our favorite products are by far the Healthy White and cool mint.  I love that my kids have great oral hygiene habits and brush their teeth, use floss and finish off with mouth rinse after they’re done.

It’s so important to raise your kids with the best habits starting at the very beginning so they will grow to make these habits a day to day event.  We have mastered the perfection of oral hygiene in our house as well as a great eating routine.  We do not allow our kids to have soda or juices that contain high amounts of sugars.  By eliminating those from their diets it is keeping their enamel stronger, the gums healthier and their health in great shape.  Of course a proper diet and great oral hygiene aren’t the only things we can do for our kids.  We also incorporate daily exercise that is fun for the entire family which includes bike riding, walks, skating, scooters, park play and more.

The entire line of LISTERINE products are all worth a rave review and contain cool mint floss and healthy white floss, cool mint POCKETPAKS that will give you the freshest breathe in a matter of seconds.  Now my all time favorite product for myself is the LISTERINE Healthy White and for my kids is the LISTERINE Smart Rinse.  My boys found it pretty awesome that their favorite super heroes were on the bottle of the Smart Rinse Anticavity.  I would love to hear which products are your family’s favorites? To find LISTERINE products by you just head over here.

The Healthy White Rinse is giving you a gentler whitening experience with peroxide free products.  It also restores enamel, prevent cavities, helps prevent tooth decay and kills bad breath germs.  I love that I get a whiter, brighter smile using this product and it doesn’t make my gums sensitive like other whitening products in the past.

The LISTERINE Healthy White Floss removes stains from your teeth using a baking soda formula.  It also removes more plaque than regular floss.  It’s so important to properly take care of your teeth and floss daily and this is a great product to use on a daily basis.  Retailing for just $2.49 at your local retailers makes it very affordable.

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