Homemade Rosemary Mint Soap

There is nothing more amazing than homemade products in the home.  Today I made up a batch of Rosemary Mint Homemade Soaps that look so gorgeous.

Rosemary Mint Soap

Being able to make my own soaps in the comfort of my home is such an amazing experience.  I get to control what goes into my soap as well as how big my soaps are.  Choose from tons of different silicone molds to make rectangles, squares, circles, hearts and lots more.  Surprisingly the process of making soaps is so easy you’ll be able to whip up a batch in as little as 15 minutes.  I packed my soap full of Poppy seeds, Rosemary and Mint Extract to make a soap that is going to last in our home.  Did you know that Rosemary can help alleviate muscle pain, improve memory, boost the immune system and promote hair growth?  The Poppy Seeds gently exfoliates your skin while in the shower or bath and will leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed.  The Mint extract is the perfect amount to leave the faintest scent on your skin that can last all day.  Soaps are such a fun and easy process to do and the additives to add in soap is amazing.  So with the Holidays coming up whip up a few of these Homemade Soaps and tie a gorgeous twine bow around 3 soaps and hand out as gifts.  Enjoy.

Rosemary Mint Soap 2

Rosemary Mint Homemade Soap



Remove about 4 large cubes worth of melt and pour soap base from the packaging.  Cut down your large cubes into several smaller cubes and place in a medium sized glass bowl.  Place your soap cubes in the microwave for 1 minute and remove and give it a good stir with a metal spoon.  Place back in the microwave for another 30 seconds and remove.  Stir it up quickly and now you’re going to want to act fast with the next few steps before we pour our mold.  Add in your tbsp of poppy seeds, the tbsp of rosemary and tsp of mint extract. Mix well until blended.  Pour your soap base mixture into your square silicone molds and let sit for a minimum of 2 hours and then remove.  (Tip: If you see air bubbles at the top of your soap just spritz the area with rubbing alcohol until they disappear, I didn’t have this problem).  Place them in mason jars, clear wrap or even tie up with baker’s twine like I did and gift them to friends and family!  If you’re going to be gifting these soaps take advantage of these Free Printable labels tags I created just for you.  Enjoy.

Homemade Rosemary Mint Soap

Homemade Rosemary Mint Soap1

Homemade Rosemary Soap11
Homemade Rosemary Mint Soap3

Homemade Rosemary Mint Soap4

Disclaimer: I was provided products for this post from Stephenson Personal Care and I’m proud to be one of their bloggers!

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