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My home is filled with beautiful ceramic flooring that is light colored and gets so dirty with the flow of traffic from a family of 5 plus a dog.  Finally a steam cleaner that can hold up to the dirt in this household is hard but I think I finally found one.  The SteamMachine Plus Multi-Purpose Steam Mop from HomeRight is the newest product on the market and I’m loving it.  It’s light weight, folds up to be quite the space saver and has a detachable smaller steam clenaner for hard to reach areas.  This machine is ideal for daily cleaning and disinfecting and can be used on flooring, countertops, bathrooms, stovetops, grills and more.  With 6 different attachments included there is no task to big for this machine.  I am loving this machine and at a price of $119.44 it’s definitely worth the money.

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I mentioned this machine comes with 6 attachments which include a nozzle, scraper, nylon brush, bonnet, grout cleaner, and squeegee.  The grout in your bathrooms will look brand new after a round of cleaning with the grout cleaner which gets down and dirty to give you only the cleanest canvas.  I have found so many things to clean in my home with this machine and I couldn’t be happier.  I can’t get over how light weight such a powerful machine can be.  Say goodbye to bulky, heavy steam cleaners and say hello to the light weight, easy to move Steam mop.  You’ll be raving about this machine to all of your friends.  So what are you waiting for?  Grab your own steam machine here.  

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