How to acheive the Perfect Vertical Stripes with FrogTape® Multi-Surface

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Right now striped walls are one of the biggest rage for home decor and I’m in love with how they make a room look.  Last year we added Pink stripes in our daughter’s nursery and to this day I still love it.  It adds a fun effect without going overboard and it looks fresh and crisp no matter what color or type of furniture you have in there.  For our Master Bedroom makeover we added Light Grey and Dark Grey Stripes to our accent wall to give our room a fresh and crisp look.  In order to achieve the most perfect stripes you have to be precise and have patience.  Stripes aren’t done in an hour and it’s definitely a process but with all the right tools it can be done beautifully and admired for years and years.

Materials Needed:

  • Paint in a light and dark shade (We used Sutton Place Grey and Stone White)
  • FrogTape® Multi-Surface
  • Paint Brush
  • Laser


Depending what color your previous wall is you will need to prime the walls before you paint.  We had a dark purple accent wall and were going for a lighter, crisper grey so we opted to use a DUO Paint that has the Paint and Primer in one to skip a step.  We used Glidden DUO Paint in an Eggshell finish and it covered beautifully.

First you’ll want to paint the entire wall with your lighter color and be sure the paint underneath is hidden.  We did the first coat, let it dry for a few hours and then proceeded to do our 2nd coat and let dry for another couple hours.

You will measure out the wall and find your point to do the stripes.  For our wall we used FrogTape® Multi-surface and applied the tape every 11″ to make it even across the entire wall. This is really a tedious project and you have to have extra patience to ensure it is done correctly.

Using your Laser Pointer attach it to the wall and follow the red beam line and line your FrogTape ® up with it exactly from ceiling down to the floor.  Once your tape is in place across the entire wall it’s time to paint the darker color in the tape.  A little tip, mark the stripes that won’t be painted with the dark gray paint with a piece of tape so you don’t get confused when you’re in the zone.

We did 2 coats of dark grey paint just like we did with the light color and once the 2nd coat was complete we peeled the tape off immediately.  Once the tape is peeled off you’ll be left with sharp, crisp and clean lines that are perfect from floor to ceiling.  We chose to use FrogTape® Multi-surface painter’s tape because it’s the only tape that can be removed cleanly from freshly painted surfaces.  Plus this type of tape is a great way to ensure no paint bleeding will happen during the painting process, because of its PaintBlock® Technology.

That’s it.  Stripes really can add a whole new life to any room but it’s definitely a project that takes time and skill to achieve.  I hope this post inspired you to add stripes in your home!

FrogTape® brand painter’s tape can be used on cured painted walls, wood trim, glass and metal.  When it comes to painting projects in our house the only tape we use is FrogTape® Multi-Surface.

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