How to Have an Awesome Family Movie Night with Smuckers

Every Friday night, everyone in our family stops what they are doing and we watch a movie. We have declared this Family Movie Night and my kids love it. It is so much fun picking out a movie together, getting into our jammies, and having snacks. Here are some tips for having an awesome family movie night.

How to Have an Awesome Family Movie Night with Smuckers

Make a Pallet on the Floor

One of the things I do for my kid is make them a pallet on the floor. If you don’t know what a pallet is, it’s actually quite fun. You gather all of the pillows and blankets in the house and make a bed type spot on the floor. It’s the perfect place to lay down and watch a movie with the family.

Turn Off All of the Lights

In our house, on Family Movie Night, we don’t have any lights on in the house. The movie theatre doesn’t leave the light on, so why should we? We’re going for the authentic feel of a movie theatre in our house on Friday nights.

Lots of Fun Kiddie Drinks

Friday nights are the night to make sure our kids have lots of fun drinks. Sometimes I’ll make them hot chocolate, or we’ll have chocolate milk, and sometimes they just want water. I love having a variety of drinks for them to choose from though, it makes Movie Night more magical for them.

Movie Night PB&Js

One of our all-time favorite things on Friday Family Movie Night is making Peanut Butter and Jelly for the whole family. We don’t order pizza, instead we stay in and have our favorite sandwiches ever. I remember my mom doing this for me when I was a kid and now I do it for my kids and husband. Of course, we all love it. Everyone in the family loves their peanut butter and jelly sandwich just a little different though, but I don’t mind! The way my family is loving it now is a nice helping of peanut butter, smucker’s jelly and freshly cut bananas.

peanut butter
PB & J

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This is a sponsored post and all thoughts and opinions are my own! 

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