How to Start a Home Daycare Business

Ever wanted to run a daycare? You can and you can do it right from your home! Thousands of day care providers open their homes each day to kids and run a very successful business at it too! Running a daycare from your home is a great way to work a full time business, but also stay at home with your kids. There are a few things you’ll need to do ahead of time though so keep reading for how to start a home daycare business.

How to Start a Home Daycare Business

To start, you’ll have to (absolutely have to) check out your states laws. Some will require you to be certified, others won’t. You’ll also need to know the maximum amount of children you can have in your home per adult (and yes, this will include your kids as well) and any safety certifications you’ll need to have ahead of time. There will also likely be safety equipment like smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers that must be installed in your home before you can open for business.

Keep in mind that it will likely take more than a few days to get all lined up. You’ll likely have to go through multiple agencies and this could take weeks. While you can’t open your doors until the red tape is cut through, you can use that time to your advantage. While you’re waiting on the paperwork to be approved, take the time to stock your home with toys and books for kids, plan out your client paperwork, plan menu’s and shop if you will be offering meals, and order any advertising materials you might need.

Speaking of advertising, you will need to do plenty of it. Print out flyers, create business cards, have signs made for the front of your house, buy car magnets for your car and write out your online marketing copy. Using the time that you’ll have while waiting on approval of any legal paperwork will mean that you’ll be ready to launch once you receive the go ahead. You should also use this time to decide on how much you are charging per child, whether you will charge per day or by the hour and if you will give a discount for multiple children in the same family.

Once you’re good to go, start advertising! Put those car magnets on, hang your signs and open your doors! Make sure that you have references available as well. 99% of parents will want to not only see them, but contact them as well. After you receive your first client, make sure that you have them fill out a child information sheet and contact information so that you have that info just in case you need it.

Running a daycare from your home takes a bit longer than most home based businesses to get started, but it can also be one of the most profitable. Use these tips, plus any additional research you need and soon, you’ll have a house full!

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