How Your Kid Can Change the World This Summer

How Your Kid Can Change the World This Summer

The end of the school year is right around the corner. I would love for my kids to walk away from this summer leaving an impact on someone else. I’m sure you have the same hopes for your child. Instead of letting your kids waste the summer on electronics, let them be a world changer.

#1. Be a good example.

Your kid is going to be a world changer by watching world changers. You can leave that positive impact on them by being a good example. Let them see you doing good. Feeding the homeless, helping someone less fortunate, donating their time – these are just an example of a few ways you can be a good example to your child and help them to become a world changer.

#2. Let your child develop their own interests.

Your kid can change the world this summer by having a chance to develop their own interests. Not having an adult tell them every single move they’re making can help your kid change the world. For example, letting your child develop their love for astronomy – they could be someone who discovers a new planet.

#3. Send your child to a Galileo Camp.

If you’ve never heard of a Galileo Camp, this is your year to find out. These camps have been around since 2002 and have been impacting kids left and right. There is camp available for the K-8th grades. Kids who are in K-5thcan take a variety of camps in the science, art, and even outdoor activities that focus on their level. Fifth through 8th graders can choose from 13 immersive majors. Kids have a chance to get inspired through real life experiences, such as whipping up an amazing dish or even designing video games.

If you want to fill your child’s summer with enrichment, then Galileo Camp is for your child. Changing the world is possible, especially when you send your kids to one of these camps! Remember that this isn’t a typical summer camp. Your child will get a chance to be a world changer through a Galileo Camp.

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