Kitchen Organization Hacks in 10 easy tips


Do you want your kitchen to be as organized as possible? Well, there are things you can do to make it look organized and under control. Your kitchen’s only so big, so it’s important to utilize every space you have. There’s no point in keeping a messy kitchen if you can get it organized with ten easy steps.

Check out these 10 kitchen organization hacks:

#1. Wipes Container

I really love this idea. I’m not always sure what to do with those extra wipes containers, but putting plastic bags inside of a disinfectant wipes container is pure genius. You can put a set in your car for the next time you need a smaller plastic bag as well. Not sure you’re loving the dull white container?  Add some scrapbook paper to give it a decorative feel to blend in with your kitchen.

#2. Cutting Board Needs a Home

Not sure where to place your cutting board? Use an old magazine holder to give your cutting board a home. This is a great idea because then you don’t have an awkward cutting board just sitting on your counter.

#3. Reusable Containers

Instead of throwing out your cottage cheese containers, deli containers, and even margarine containers, use them to store tiny items in.

#4.Utilize Your Un-openable Drawers

I dislike drawers that I try to open but they don’t open. Unseal those drawers and place a container back there. You can make use of those un-openable drawers without any issues.

#5. Backs of Cabinets

You can put hooks, corkboards, shelves, and almost anything else on the back of your cabinets to get more space. Make sure you utilize all of the space you can get.

#6. Chalkboard Paint

Thanks to chalkboard paint, you can literally paint everything within your kitchen. Chalkboard paint and chalk are both so cheap, so you’re not going to break the budget on this hack.

#7. Use Your Pans

How many pans do you have just sitting in your cabinets? Make sure you fill those pans with smaller items, if you can. If you’re not using the space, you might as well use it.

#8. Space Above the Cabinets

Are you desperate for organizational and storage space? Consider placing items on top of your cabinets. You can place papers that are flat or really small items that no one will be able to see. It’s not tacky, it’s genius!

#9. Magnetic Storage

If you’re out of room in your cabinets, consider using this next kitchen organization hack. Take magnetic strips and place them on the small items you don’t have room for, and then place them on your refrigerator. Fridges are huge these days, so you’ll have plenty of room.

#10. Lazy Susan

This is probably one of my favorite kitchen organizational hacks. Use a Lazy Susan to make organization fun and easy! You can place these “guys” anywhere in your kitchen, and they’re not really all that expensive.

There you have it! Ten kitchen organization hacks that will make your life easier and some of these hacks you’ve probably never even heard of before. Create your own kitchen hacks after you’ve utilized these. What “hacks” would you add to this list?

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