Lutron Maestro Occupancy and Vacancy Sensing Switch

Lutron Maestro Occupancy and Vacancy Sensing Switch

One of the biggest concerns in my home is my electricity bill.  There is not a day that goes by that I’m not constantly telling me kids to turn off the lights when they leave a room.  Kids have absolutely no concept of turning off the lights and in turn these lights are left on for hours at a time.  Every time I get my electricity bill I freak out a little of the amount of usage we’re using in the home and something had to be done.  Well my solution was solved with the amazing Lutron Maestro Occupancy/Vacancy Sensing Switch.  This beauty allows you to walk in and out of a room and have a sensor turn the lights on for you and your kids.  No more turning on the lights and remembering to turn them off when you leave because Lutron is doing all the work for you.


The Lutron sensing switch works with incandescent, halogens, dimmable compact fluorescents and dimmable LEDS, with no special wiring required.  The installation was so easy and I was able to do it by myself which is definitely a feature I love.  The Proprietary Advanced XCT technology detects fine motions so the lights don’t turn off while someone is accompanying the room.  The switch is reliable up to 30 feet and can function in 2 modes.  While you’re home set it to occupancy mode so the lights automatically turn on when you enter a room and the lights turn off when the room is vacant.  The Vacancy mode can allow you to manually turn on lights and turn them off.

When you have little kids in the home or forgetful adults it’s a great idea to install the Lutron Sensing switch because it just makes life easier.  Sure it’s not hard to turn the light off after everyone but when you live in a 2 story home and are running late and already downstairs it’s just easier to leave.  Now all my problems are solved and the process was so easy and I’m highly recommending it to everyone I know.  These switches are available in a crisp white color and will go with any wall color and home décor.  Best of all they can be used in any room of the home such as hallways, bathrooms, garages, laundry rooms, bedrooms and more.

Choose from 1 of 2 models which are for smaller and larger rooms with prices ranging from $29 to $41.50.  These switches and other Lutron Products are readily available at home improvement centers, lighting showrooms, electrical distributors, online retailers and  This is a great product to put in any home, apartment, mobile home and any other place and I’m in love with mine so far.  My kids think it’s pretty cool as well and think they now have super hero powers to turn on lights, oh boy!

If you’re interested in winning one just leave a comment below on which room you’d be featuring this in, goodluck.  Giveaway will end on 7/3.

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