Marvel Super Hero Mashers Review

Disclosure: The Marvel Super Hero Mashers in the feature below were provided by Hasbro!  I am being compensated for this post, but all opinions are my own.  I am a member of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network.

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Hasbro has just released the Marvel Super Hero Mashers featuring your kids favorite super hereos and villians.  My kids went nuts over their Hulk and Dr. Doom mash up characters we were sent for review aka Boom (the Hulk) and Hammer (Dr. Doom).  Marvel Mash Up Super Hereos and Villians are meant to allow your children to get creative by creating their own custom character!  Just imagine the Hulks huge arms on the slim Dr. Doom.  Each character is easily detachable and can lend their head, hand, legs, or anything else to any other hereo or villian, how funny is this?  My kids turned Hulk into a cape wearing, skinny legged character, and oh Dr. Doom made out with a pair of large arms with his skinny body.  Mashing up their own characters had them rolling on the floor laughing.  Marvel Mash Up characters will provide your children with hours of entertainment and laughter, they’ll want to show off all their funny skills and share with their friends.  Hasbro has released 20 unique characters which are all being released this year and your children will be able to collect each and every one of them!  There will be 13 Marvel Super Hero Mashers Action Figure Assortments retailing at $9.99 and 7 Marvel Super Hero Masher Battle Upgraded Action Figure assortments retailing for $14.99!  Talk about affordable fun for the kids.  My kids are 3 and 4 years old and these toys were very entertaining to them and will be perfect for any aged child.  This product is recommended for children aged 4 and up.  In the image below you can see one of my kids many mash up creations we have Hulk showing off slim Dr. Doom legs while holding Dr. Dooms thigh in his hand for use as a club.  Dr. Doom is rocking some short Hulk legs and Huge Hulk hands on his slender frame and is using a thigh as a club as well.  Boys will be boys that’s for sure.  To find out more information about the newest Marvel Super Hero Mashers head over to!  While you’re there let your kids make their own virtual mash up characters for fun!


Enjoy some fun facts above Marvel Super Hero Mashers!

Hulk Mash Up Infographics

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