Max & Ruby: Sweet Sibilings

Max & Ruby: Sweet Sibilings

Growing up with Siblings is definitely the way to be.  No one wants to be an only child and the bonus of having siblings is you always have someone to play with.  Growing up I had 2 older brothers and was always entertained in my home and now in my household I have 3 small children.  My daughter Madison is 1, Aedan is 3 and Chasen is 4 so you can imagine the fun we have in our homes.

The dynamic brother, sister duo is always fun to watch.  You have older sister Ruby and younger brother Max that act just like your typical brother/sister combo.  Max is sneaky in a fun way and Ruby is the protector in the family always ensuring max isn’t getting into trouble.  There are 12 fun filled episodes to enjoy in the 96 minutes Nickelodeon cartoon.   This DVD is set to hit the stores on February 17, 2015 for a price of $14.99.   I really do enjoy the simplicity of Max and Ruby and I know my kids do as well.  In this DVD you’re getting the best episodes that your children will want to watch over and over again.

Max & Ruby: Sweet Sibling:

  • Max Says Hello
  • Ruby’s Spa Day
  • Ruby’s Tai Chi
  • Engineer Max
  • Max’s Train Toy
  • Max’s Train Ride
  • Max and Ruby’s Train Trip
  • Go To Sleep Max
  • Conductor Max
  • Space Bunny
  • Max’s Sprinkler
  • Max’s Pogo Stick

Disclaimer: I received this DVD free of charge to conduct this review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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