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Mía Mariú is providing you with only the best health and beauty products using nature’s finest forces.  If you’re on a budget these products are perfect for you because their high end product that won’t break the bank account.  Their selling botanical skin care, mineral cosmetics and nature’s nutritionals that your body craves and deserves.  These products are made for real women and I’m their newest user.  I’m always so hesistant about using new product on my face that I’m unfamiliar with.  I buy mostly all of my cosmetics at the drug stores and am a avid Revlon beauty girl.  From my foundation to my lip gloss all my products are from the drug store and have satisfied me until now.  The first moment I tried Mía Mariú products I was hooked.  The coverage from the foundation was beautiful, the primer worked perfectly and helped my makeup stay on all day.  The blush was beautiful and creamy and application was very easy.  The lip gloss was beautiful and glossy but wasn’t sticky which is so important since I always wear my hair down, nothing worse than getting hair strands stuck to your lip gloss.  Last but not least the refreshing foaming gel cleanser was amazing.  It had a subtle scent and cleanses nice and was able to remove all of my makeup from the day.  Amazing products that I can’t rave enough about and wish I would of found them sooner.

Refreshing Foaming Gel Cleanser – If you have dry or sensitive skin you’re going to love this cleanser.  It leaves your skin refreshed, hydrated and soft and won’t dry your skin out.  This product is Oil free and can be used up to twice a day.   Ideal for all skin types and you can purchase it for just $21.00 here.


Perfecting Finish Mineral Liquid Foundation – This foundation is light weight with an excellent amount of coverage.  You’ll be looking flawless with just one sweep of this amazing go-to foundation.  Not only will you look beautiful all day but you’re receiving additional benefits of natural minerals, green tea, lecithin and vitamin A & E.  So don’t worry about your face getting clogged up because you’re only benefiting from this makeup. Pairs very nicely with the Mineral Primer which I love!!  Available in a great range of colors.  You can purchase it for just $25.00 here.

Perfecting Finish Mineral Primer – If you’re looking to have your makeup stay put all day it’s so important to use a great primer.  The Perfecting Finish Mineral primer was designed to prepare the skin for an exceptionally smooth application for any of Mia’s fabulous foundation while extending the foundation’s wear for hours. While wearing this primer your skin will be receiving loads of Lycii Fruit, Aloe, Milk Thistle Extract, White Tea and Vitamin A and E. Suitable for all skin types and I guarantee this will become your #1 go to primer for all day wear.  You can purchase it for just $20.00 here.

Luminous Lip Gloss in Romance – The perfect nude lip gloss has just been found.  With a sparkling shine that isn’t sticky and lasts for hours.  It’s great for hydrating your lips and you’ll catch yourself reapplying this all day long!! I love this lip gloss and it’s available in TENTACIóN, Dulzura, Ilusión and Romance.  You can purchase it for just $13.00 here.


Illuminating Magic Satin – Give your skin a beautiful glow with these amazing Magic Satin creme blushes and you’ll be in love.  It’s not an overpowering color and will make your cheekbones pop.  You can use the Magic Satin creme as a blush, eye shadow base or over your lips.  I love that this product can be used more than one way and I’m in love with the color!  You can purchase it for just $17.00 here.

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13 thoughts on “Mía Mariú beauty product #review

  1. If I win I would buy all the same products you reviewed because they sound amazing! Would love to try a new cleanser and I've never even tried a primer before but would love too! Also who doesn't love a great lightweight foundation and multi use blush! But if they have a great concealer I might just have to choose that also! Thanx for this awesome giveaway!
  2. If I win I would love to try RestauraCel-C Thermal Microdermabrasion Set and Refreshing Foaming Gel Cleanser
  3. The liquid mineral Foundation and the finishing primer. .I usually use Mac but haven't liked how my skin had been looking.
  4. Well i would give it to my wife who is using old makeup she threw away some eyeshadow and blush she had for 12 years. Now she has no blush or eyeshadow and wants some but wont spend the money on herself.
  5. I would get the following items: RestauraCel-C Thermal Microdermabrasion Set PERFECTING FINISH Mineral Liquid Foundation Vainilla Mineral Eye Shadow Duo Rosa Marquesa

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