Monster’s U Scare and Scream Walkie Talkies Review

Are you looking for the most perfect gift for your kids for the holidays?  Walkie Talkies were so popular when I was a kid growing up and I have the fondest memories of using walkie talkies to play around with my brothers and friends around the house.  It’s fun to imagine you’re in the secret service or playing hide and seek and giving hints on where you are located.  I was so excited to give my boys these Monster’s U Scare and Scream walkie talkies for Christmas and of course it’s the first set they’ve received.


My boys thought these were the coolest things ever and now they hide out in their rooms talking back and forth to each other in secret codes that only they understand.  These walkie talkies are featuring the coolest characters from the popular movie Monster University and they are perfect for little boys and girls.  I love how easy they are to use and have a bright LED light to show the boys when it’s powered on.  These Long Range Walkie Talkies are perfect for use in the home, office or even at Grandma’s house and I promise it’ll be the coolest gift your little ones receive this year.  Whether you wrap them up and place them under the tree or place them in their stockings kids will be so excited and will rip the packaging open.  We love these in our house and can’t get enough of them.  Sometimes even my husband and I use them, but shh.. don’t tell the boys.  To grab these for your kids this year you can grab them for just $22.49 at your local Toys R Us.

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