NuMe TITAN Professional Curling Wand Review

NuMe TITAN Professional Curling Wand Review

Finally a curling iron that can handle my thick, wavy hair.  I keep my hair on the longer side and have become so frustrated with trying to do anything with my hair when I’m limited on time.  Between waking up later than normal, getting my kids ready for school and than getting my self ready for work there is just no time for hair.  I recently received the NuMe Titan Curling Wand Set and I must say it’s a god send!

This is the first curling iron ever that can give me beachy waves, tight waves and curly hair for a night out with my husband.  The NuMe Titan Curling Wand Set comes with 3 100% titanium barrel that are used by top celebrity stylists and hair professionals world-wide.  You’ll fall in love with the pure titanium-infused barrels that are 19mm. 25mm and 32mm which will give you a variety of hair styles to achieve.

All 3 barrels are built for hard to curl hair such as myself and not only does it curl my hair but my hair holds the curl until I wash my hair.  Best of all I can achieve a gorgeous curl without even using styling products, score for me.  Choose between tight curls, waves, beachy-texture waves or the perfect bounce and get ready for a glorious night out with friends.


You’ll notice the barrels are clip-less which I feel give me a much stronger curl without the annoying kinks.  This set comes with a heat-resistant glove that you’ll need to curl your hair using these wands. This set is hands down my new favorite and I can’t wait to share pictures of all the different hair styles I’m able to style with it.  Stay tuned.

The NuMe Titan Curling Wand Set is available for just $199.00.

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