Ok to Wake! Children’s Alarm clock and nightlight only $21.99

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Moms of little kids you need this product! How many times have your children woken up in the early AM and came into your room?  Wish there was a solution to tell your kids when it’s okay to wake up and get out of bed? Well hurry over to Zulily today and grab the OK to Wake! Children’s Alarm clock and nightlight and in the AM it will light up green on the selected time.  My son is old enough that in the mornings he can wake up, take himself potty and turn on his TV but this way he’ll know mommy is still sleeping!  It’s a fantastic product that is highly rated and this is the best price you will find!  Zulily is selling this product for just $21.99 and it’ll sell out fast so hurry.  There are quite a few different clocks to choose from as well!

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