Organizing my life with G2 Pilot Pens

Tracking PixelThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pilot Corporation of America.

Tips for Organizing Your Life

Have you been wanting to get more organized this holiday season? I know I have! Back in August, we added our fourth child, which means I need to be super organized. Having 4 little ones in your home age 6 to 4 months really can make a house chaotic.  Between cleaning, running errands, play dates, school drop offs and more it’s no wonder I need to be organized!  Here are some ways I have been keeping my life a bit more organized and organizing my life with G2 Pilot Pens.

Pilot Pens

Write it Down

Is there a better way to remember something than to write it down? I got a fresh pack of Pilot G2 gel ink pens. These things are amazing in so many ways! I love having these pens on hand for when I need them most, which is all the time. They help me to write things down and to stay organized. These are America’s best-selling, smooth writing, and longest lasting gel pen. Plus, they are so much fun to write with! If you’re looking for stocking stuffers, these are the perfect addition.  I love having all  the different colors which helps me organize even better.  Each member of my family has a different color!


Send Yourself an Email

How weird does this sound? Anyway, I send myself emails for everything. Sometimes I’m out and about and don’t have time to jot something down, so I just send myself a quick email. Give it a try, you’d be surprised as to how easy it is!


Repeat it Numerous Times

When you tell yourself something numerous times, your brain starts to remember. Let’s say one of my kids has an activity later that day, I keep repeating it to myself. I also might jot a quick note on my hand to let me know.


Take the Pressure Off Yourself

There is something you should remember as a parent, you aren’t perfect. You can write stuff down, send yourself an email, or even write it on your hand and sometimes you are just going to forget. However, these tips are sure to help you stay more organized.


Wondering why I love the G2 Pilot Pens so much?  I have 15 amazing and vibrant colors to fill out my planner with.  This gives me the option to color coordinate our weekly activities by each member of my family.  All of my husbands events and work schedule are in lime green, kids school schedule is in dark green, my daughters school and activities are in hot pink, my post deadlines are in blue and so on!  I’m loving these colors!


What tips would you add to this list?  I’d love to hear them.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pilot Corporation of America.

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