OTC Stork Fertility Kit

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Conceiving is very hard on women, but most people don’t like to talk about what it does to the male. While trying to conceive our last son, it was very hard on my husband. Using the Stork OTC device changed the way we conceived. Here is why using this device at home can help with common male infertility diagnoses.


20% Success Rate

When it comes down to it, the Stork OTC device, is less invasive than any other option out there. There is a high success rate for something that you can buy over the counter. Not having to spend a lot of money on something, but getting good results? It’s worth a try! Plus, men can be a part of the process.

Only FDA Cleared Conception Device

Get this, the Stork OTC device is the only device that has been cleared by the FDA. You can use it over the counter because the FDA has cleared it. Usually, you must go to a doctor to get fertility issues figured out. The Stork OTC device is a great way to get started on your fertility journey.

Super Easy to Use

Besides the high success rate of cervical cap insemination and it being cleared by the FDA, the Stork OTC device is easy to use. You’re not getting poked or prodded. The guy can be involved in the process. The Stork OTC package includes A condom-like sheath with an HSSA tested cervical cap to collect semen during intercourse (the Conceptacle).


Being a part of the male fertility movement is possible with the Stork OTC device. Using it can help bring closure to many males who are wondering why they aren’t conceiving. Together, you and your partner can use the Stork OTC device in the comfort of your own home.

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