Ozeri Microban Kitchen Scale Review


My husband and I try to eat as healthy as possible.  To eat healthy and to lose weight or stay in shape it’s suggested that you do portion control and since we eat alot of chicken and salads in our household I love having a nifty scale on hand to weigh out my portions.  The Ozeri Microban kitchen scale is light weight, flush with the counter tops and is a bright white color that will fit in with practically any kitchen.  The scale features Microban antimicrobial products to prevent the growth of bacteria which is so important in the kitchen. This kitchen scale can weigh items as light as 0.1 oz and as heavy as 11.2 lbs which is perfect for any items.  Weigh your chicken, pasta, oranges, bananas or anything you can imagine to get an accurate reading.  My favorite thing about the scale aside from the sleek look is that precise tare button allowing you to subtract the weight of a container to find out the true weight.  This is perfect when you’re weighing strawberries.  The scale can be placed anywhere in your kitchen as it functions by 2 lithium batteries (included) and is not dependent on a plug outlet.  Since it’s so lightweight it’s so easy to move from the island to the counter tops.  If you’re in the market for a new, reliable, sleek kitchen scale check out the Ozeri Touch II Professional Digital Kitchen Scale with Microban Antimicrobial Protection and grab it for just $28.95 (Reg. $59.95).  Plus it’s a 5 star reviewed product, need anymore convincing?  I didn’t think so.



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