How I Pack My JJ Cole Diaper Bag

How I Pack My JJ Cole Diaper Bag

I’m a mom of four, you better believe I have a diaper bag that I carry with me wherever I go. However, there is only one diaper bag good enough for me and that’s my JJ Cole Diaper Bag. Stay tuned to hear how I pack my JJ while on the go. I personally have the JJ Cole Arrington Tote in the Onyx and Ivory color. It’s fabulous in so many ways! Packing a diaper bag has never been easier.

12 pockets on the inside and out

I can tell you that there is something in every pocket of my . I love that there is plenty of room to stay organized! My diapers can go in one pocket and my wipes in another. There is also plenty of room for pacifiers and anything else I need a pocket for! There is no overcrowding in this diaper bag.

Insulated side pockets

When I need to bring my baby’s bottle on the go, there’s an insulated side pocket for that. His bottles fit perfectly in there and the bottles stay just the right temperature. I can also keep juice boxes and water in there for the other kids and me.

Easy for on the go

The way I pack my JJ Cole Diaper Bag reflects someone on the go. I keep one of everything in the diaper bag because my life requires it. I love that I have room in my diaper bag for everything I need without it being extra bulky. There is even a padded electronic pocket and key click, so I don’t lose my phone and keys (let’s be honest I lose a lot of stuff).

Everything has a perfect spot in my JJ Cole Diaper Bag and I love it. Let’s not forget to mention how stylish the diaper bag is as well. A mom can have a stylish, yet practical diaper bag and JJ Cole proves that!  So the next time you’re out running errands swing by your local Babies R Us and check out these bags for yourself.

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