Pill Terminator – Properly dispose of unused, unwanted and expired pills

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Today is National Drug Take by day and the purpose of this day is to make everyone nationwide aware of the harmful potential of leaving unused, expired or unwanted medicines lying around your home or easily accessible in your home trash can.  Do you realize how fatal it can be if someone were to get ahold of pills that weren’t prescribed to them? I have little ones in my home and I am always so cautious about throwing pills away but even I have made the mistake of throwing the bottle just in the trash can where my kids or anyone else could get ahold of these pills and possibly abuse them.  Proper disposal is key and we have an amazing solution it’s called Pill Terminator and it’s available on PillTerminator.com.

The Pill Terminator is easy and safe for adults to use and will dispose properly of your pills in a matter of seconds. With its ability to hold up to 300 medium sized pills at one time makes it an effective product to have lying around the house.  The Pill Terminator was designed to eliminate accidental prescription pill poisoning.  This product is safe to use in homes, doctor’s offices, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, workplaces, veterinary clinics and first responders.


The Process is so easy and non-time consuming:

Step 1: Shake Bottle of Pill Terminator

Step 2: Open Bottle

Step 3: Fill up to 300 medium sized pills into container paying close attention not to exceed the green line

Step 4: Fill container up with warm water up to the red line

Step 5: Close lid tightly

Step 6: Shake bottle steadily for 5 seconds

Step 7: Throw product away in trash

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 For Easy and Effective Disposal of:

  • Pills
  • Liquids
  • Capsules
  • Powders

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