Purging Day 2 – Medicine Cabinet


Welcome to Day 2 of our 31 day purging.  Today we’re going to tackle a very easy task called the medicine cabinet.  In our bathroom we throw everything we can into the medicine cabinet because out of sight out of mind. One problem with this is when we open the medicine cabinet bottles and everything else just fall into the sink.  What a mess.


First I removed everything from the cabinet and placed on a near by surface, than I cleaned off all the shelving.  Next I went through all the products and If I haven’t used it in the past 3 months I decided to throw it away in the trash.  I got rid of just a few bottles as I use most of the stuff in there weekly!


I showed pictures of before, during and after but please keep in mind on the 2nd shelf I did put in medicines and what not after the photos were taken!  =)  This should be a very easy and quick task for today, mine took a total of 10 minutes start to finish and now my cabinet is clean and refreshed.  I’m so glad you followed along and be sure to share your photos on facebook, twitter and instagram using hashtag #31daypurgewithA2S4U.  Stay tuned for tomorrow’s fun day of purging another area of the home.

Purging Day 3 will be posted tomorrow at 9:00 AM PST, stay tuned!

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