Razor Zombie Kix Scooter Review


The Razor Zombie Kix Scooter is the ultimate toy scooter for kids aged 3-8. As a mom, I’m always looking for the newest products that create the most fun for my kids.  The Razor Zombie Kix scooter is allowing my children to have full imagination range and I love that.  Kids will love the oversize zombie hands while they’re learning to balance and gain coordination.  This isn’t your everyday scooter and all the neigbor kids will be wanting a ride on the Zombie scooter.  With 3 wheels this scooter is providing better stability for even the youngest riders and it’s definitely full of fun and excitement.  My kids faces lit up when they say the box open and out came a Zombie scooter, they both ran screaming saying “Monster!” than came back full of smiles.



  • 3 Wheel design helps with stability for all riders
  • Razor Zombie Kix Scooter is lightweight
  • Comes in an attractive design made of high quality steel, aluminum and plastic constructions


I think this is an excellent alternative to your traditional red or black scooter and will be loved by girls and boys of all ages.  I can see us getting many years of use out of this product!  Be sure to keep an eye out for when they hit the stores.



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